Week’s update as follows:

1. Assessment slides are posted on the right. They cover Assessment, and then talk about what is news/who is a journalist

2. The REMIX ASSIGNMENT is also posted to the right, under assignments. Please remember that you can get this to me before or after Spring Break, but again don’t leave it until the last second, as it’s another assignment that takes some time.

3. LESSON PLAN TOPICS – By Friday, March 26th, I want an email of an in-depth description of what you want to explore for your final lesson plan assignment. We’ll go over this in more depth Monday. You can type a page in Word and attach the document, or just send an email. THIS SHOULD BE ON SOME DEPTH, SO I CAN GIVE GOOD FEEDBACK.

Next Week, we’re going to continue the Assessment discussion, with the aim to create and finalize a letter that we’ll title: Tuned-In: How American’s Under 40 are re-defining renews and empowering democracy. Please get the text ideas down…

And then of course there is:

  1. March Madness
  2. The pending Health Care Vote this weekend…
  3. TNL last Thursday

All things to discuss moving forward.

Have a great weekend.




Thanks so much for your attention to Control Room this past week. I think it’s an important film to watch, and really expands how much we understand issues we have little first hand exposure to. This is the first of a few screenings in the class. Up next is Food, Inc…..which is mind-blowing to me. That said:

1. I’ve posted a space for chat on Control Room. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film, heading into next week. Please take a minute to head over and share your reactions to the film.

2. First Awareness Slides are posted to the right

3. Next week we are turning to TUNED OUT, so please prepare the first part of this text, as we’ll be using it in the class.

4. And finally, remember that Monday your forgotten worlds assignment is due in class. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday


ps: If you can make Monday’s screening, that would be great. Here is the link to a description of the film: ONE WATER


For this week, quick reminders:

1. THE PROJECT IMPLICIT TEST & CHATTER IS FOR THIS WEEK. Please visit the link to the right “What is your Bias level?” and complete

2. Readings for this week are True Enough (4&5), and Overload (the CJR article), which is posted under content

3. I posted the first bunch of Awareness Slides, to the right under Class Slides

4. Tomorrow, we’ll continue with Bias, and start in on Control Room, the documentary.

5. FORGOTTEN WORLDS ASSIGNMENT – The assignment is posted to the right. Please have a look and be ready with questions for tomorrow. Here are some examples from students last semester. These students have generally agreed to share their work, please don’t replicate by any means:

Hershowitz – Chicago killings

Peone – Female Genital Mutilation
DelGatto Conflict in the Congo

I’ll bring some copies to class for you to see tomorrow as well.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, and have fun watcing the Oscars (if you don’t have Cablevision!!!!)


Three weeks next summer (2010)
Six course credits
Austrian Palace (where the Sound of Music was filmed)
Students from around the world



Please visit http://www.salzburg.umd.edu for more details on HOW TO APPLY, WHO’S COMING, WHAT THE PROGRAM IS ABOUT,.

Or contact the Program Director and Hofstra Professor, Dr. Paul Mihailidis, at pmihailidis@salzburgglobal.org, for more details.


The  Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change is an initiative of the Salzburg Global Seminar and the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda.

The Salzburg Academy program brings together for three weeks every summer top undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. Faculty and deans from more than a dozen different universities across the globe participate in the Academy, giving lectures and acting as mentors to small teams of students.

The students and faculty study and live at the Salzburg Global Seminar’s home, the world-renowned Schloss Leopoldskron, celebrated as an historic center of scholarship—as well as the movie “home” of the Von Trapp family in “The Sound of Music.”

Following each summer’s session, the Academy’s university and other partners collaborate in a range of shared projects focused on media’s roles and responsibilities in the public consideration of global issues. Global Media Literacy and Freedom of Expression are at the core of the Academy’s agenda.

dsc_0026Class of 2007


Just wanted to send a friendly reminder that:

1. Your ownership assignment is due in class on Monday, March 1st. It should be double-spaced, typed and stapled. Please let me know if you have any questions.

2. I posted the first part of the ACCESS slides online. You could use these for the assignment.

3. For next week, please have the Shirky (intro 1-2) and True Enough (2,3) prepared. We’re going to finish ACCESS, and move into Awareness, where we’ll be looking at images, talking about bias, and taking a controversial test….

Let me know if you have any questions, and lastly, I don’t know if anyone saw democracy on our doorstep today, but the Healthcare debate on CSPAN was great. For what it’s worth, it held the normally bickering and whiny senators at bay, knowing the public was on their words. Here’s a link to it in parts, as it WENT ON FOR OVER 7 HOURS, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO WATCH 1/7 OF IT…. We’ll discuss on monday:


ps: good debating last week, solid showing from all. Thanks.


If you feel excited about the snow days, like back in high school, then you felt like I did this week! So now you get a week off of classes really, at least Mass12. I’m sure you’re awfully sad about this, but don’t worry, I’ll be hosting support groups next week to help cope with this tragedy…

In any case, I’ve put a bunch of stuff on the blog, some of which you need to do for next week, so here’s an update that you SHOULD READ CLOSELY, and please pay attention to the items that require action:

1. CHATTER BOX – There is a chatter box posted which I’m asking to be contributed to for next week. It’s on True Enough, the Swift Boats, Cynicism, and Media. Go check it out on the right column of this blog, under “True Enough and the Swift Boats.” There is also a really funny & interesting video posted at the bottom of the Chatter box post, for your viewing please. I would LOVE YOU TO WATCH THIS, it’s so interesting and says a ton about media literacy..

2. SLIDES – I’ve posted slides on True Enough & the 5 A’s, and also on Building a Media Literacy lesson plan. The slides have MORE THAN WHAT WE DISCUSS IN CLASS, as I’ve mentioned before. You should look through these, as you’ll need them for Chatter Box, assignments, etc. They are posted to the right under “class slides”

3. READINGS – We’re going to have to move a bit quickly in the next few weeks, jumping into ACCESS and media ownership. You have three short readings around ownership for next week. They are posted under “content” on the page “media ownership readings.” You should prepare these for next Wednesday.

4. 1ST ASSIGNMENT – Your first assignment for the class will be posted for next Wednesday’s class, the 17th. It’s on ownership, and involves an exploration and a few short essays around discussion, slides, readings, etc. We’ll be discussing this next week instead of yesterday.

5. LESSON PLAN EXAMPLES – I’ve posted a series of examples of existing lesson plans on the blog under “content.” The page is “sample lesson plans and guide.” If you have time, please take a look at this.

Otherwise, enjoy this mini-holiday, and I’ll look forward to seeing you all next week. And as always, please email me with any questions you have about this work or anything else. Thanks.


ps: After now reading all your media profiles, I’m pretty impressed, well done. One comment I have is that most of you do consider yourselves media literate, and mostly because you consider yourselves to be generally “in-touch” with current events. I want to push back on that, do you really think that makes you media literate? Jury’s out in my book….


Shea found and posted this really neat viral video MAP about what’s changed in the last 10 years. Taking from the Newsweek video we watch, this adds to all the fundamental changes we’ve seen in such a short time.

Of course, I think all these changes are fundamentally media changes, and that has shifted the way we act as humans, from divorce rates to economic growth and so forth.

Anyway, see the viral chart here: WHAT’S CHANGED THIS DECADE (1999-2009). Love to hear your thoughts on this, share your thoughts by commenting below…


ps: See you all next week.  I’ll post an update in light of all these courses we’re missing, and I’ll email you a note to check the blog.

Have a great snow day.